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Aptus Aptus Enzym+ 1L
Aptus Enzym+ 1L
Aptus Enzym+ is a powerful mix of enzymes, each with a different purpose and fun...
€28,95 €23,93
Aptus Aptus Topbooster 500ml
Aptus Topbooster 500ml
Aptus Topbooster is a combination of a flowering and flowering stimulator. It is...
€44,95 €37,15
Aptus Aptus Humic-Blast 1L
Aptus Humic-Blast 1L
Humic-Blast stimulates the root system and soil life and also improves the absor...
€25,95 €21,45
Aptus Aptus Tent set basic 5x50ml
Aptus Tent set basic 5x50ml
€31,95 €26,41
Aptus Aptus System Clean 5L
Aptus System Clean 5L
Aptus System-Clean is a powerful oxidant that prevents bacterial attacks, blocka...
€94,95 €78,47
Aptus Aptus N-Boost 1L
Aptus N-Boost 1L
Plants have a high demand for nitrogen during the growth phase. N-Boost contains...
€38,95 €32,19
Aptus Aptus Fulvic Blast 5L
Aptus Fulvic Blast 5L
Fulvic blast contains essential micro-elements that are directly absorbable by t...
€132,95 €109,88
Aptus Aptus CaMg-Boost 5L
Aptus CaMg-Boost 5L
CaMg-Boost is an organo-mineral plant stimulator that prevents deficiencies of c...
€165,00 €136,36
Aptus Aptus All-in-One Liquid 250ml
Aptus All-in-One Liquid 250ml
All-in-One Liquid is a 100% mineral fertilizer that is suitable for all media an...
€9,95 €8,22
Aptus Aptus Super-PK 500ml
Aptus Super-PK 500ml
Plants have an increasing demand for phosphorus and potassium in the flowering p...
€14,95 €12,36
Aptus Aptus Regulator 5L
Aptus Regulator 5L
Aptus Regulator is a booster that can be used throughout the cycle and supports ...
€899,00 €742,98
Aptus Aptus P-Boost 5L
Aptus P-Boost 5L
Plants have a great need for phosphorus in the flowering phase. P-Boost contains...
€159,00 €131,41
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Aptus is a Dutch brand that specializes in nutritional products and supplements for plants. The company was founded in 2001 and has since built a reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality nutrients for the professional and hobby grower.

Aptus has a wide range of products designed to improve plant growth, flowering and overall health. These products have been developed using scientific knowledge and expertise to ensure they meet the specific needs of different plant species and varieties.

Some of Aptus' popular products include the Startbooster, Regulator, Topbooster, and the Super PK. The Startbooster is a nutritional supplement that stimulates the root growth of young plants and ensures healthy development of the root system. The Regulator is a product that helps regulate the pH of the soil, which is essential for the uptake of nutrients by the plants. The Topbooster is a supplement that stimulates flowering and ensures a higher crop yield. The Super PK is a powerful phosphate supplement that improves the fruiting and flowering of the plants.

Aptus strives for sustainability and environmental friendliness in their production processes and packaging. They use as many organic and natural ingredients as possible in their products and reduce the amount of plastic and waste they produce.

All in all, Aptus is a reliable brand for both professional and hobby growers looking for high-quality nutrients and supplements to improve the growth and flowering of their plants.

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